I could not stop smiling when I read article stating that we don’t need another web browser, another Twitter applications, another cloud computing solution, etc.

On that take, let me propose the 10 reasons why we absolutely need another web browser.

1) Phishing Protection is still inefficient

2) Web Browser is the main attack vector for cybercrime

3) True Web Browsing Privacy is not supported

4) No one simple solution to move my data with me anywhere

5) Be the owner of my social web

6) New standards support is required (e.g  HTML5 )

7) Browser is the new OS

8) Universal Browser Plug-in is not there

9) Need protection for my browsing communication’s channel

10) Peer-to-Peer browsing is nowhere

11)  Parental Control web browsing for children anywhere

12) Mobile web browser is still basic

13) Innovation is a continual game


Sorry, I lied; there are more than 10 reasons.

And many of the reasons here are not completely just browser related; however, web browser is the main window to the Internet.   Therefore, anything related to the Internet is impacting the web browser.  Actually, on each point, I could come out with a dozen more.  I don’t know if you know, but we are at the very early stage of the Internet.   Web 3.0 is not here yet, Cloud Computing is just beginning, augmented reality is just starting, Internet Virtualization is just been conceived.

If your argument is to say, not another web browser framework, not another Webkit, or another browser standard, I’ll certainly buy into the argument.  Apart from that, we absolutely need another web browser.


“Not everyone’s in awe of the number, though. A senior executive of Microsoft, the current browser market leader, has made statements today that essentially question the validity of the one billion downloads milestone. Oh, and she talked about how IE6 cannot die as well.”

Original story here.

I won’t question the number of  downloads.  However, for myself, I downloaded Firefox more than a douzaine times.  Not to trick the numbers, but rather because I’m  running multitple virtual machines and many computers.  I end up downloading Firefox quite often.

The number of downloads does not equate the number of users.

“Mr. Andreessen appears to want a rematch. Now a prominent Silicon Valley financier, Mr. Andreessen is backing a start-up called RockMelt, staffed with some of his close associates, that is building a new Internet browser, according to people with knowledge of his investment.”

Full story here.

What this story tells us is that the browser market is hot again and many opportunities happen right now.

What is the innovation created by this new browser, I wander.



“Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 rated tops among five browsers tested by NSS Labs for effectiveness in protecting against malware and phishing attacks—though NSS Labs acknowledges Microsoft paid for the tests.”

Read the full article here.

Apparently, Microsoft Internet 8 comes first in respect to phishing catch rate, while Google Chrome comes far behind. It’s quite surprising. I would expect Google Chrome to be amongst the top.

Ti-Took Components

That’s the question asked by the new browser and browsing environment call Ti-Took (http://titook.net).

It’s an amazing new web browser platform that is based on Google Chrome open-source code and it is fast, really fast. My only recommendation to you, try it out.

It comes with built in social bookmarking, always protected web browsing privacy and many more features.

Check the full list here: http://titook.net/tip/featuresdownload.html

Have fun,  it’s an awesome web browser.

Click here to download Ti-Took.


Rare opportunity to work for a growing, fast-paced international software company. We are looking for a Junior Developer to assist in all aspects of web programming and software development. If you’re the kind of person who is a self-starter, enjoys challenges, have a refined eye for design and acute attention to detail, this job is a great opportunity. The Company offers a unique environment that fosters individual growth and rewards performance. Everyone here gets exposed to a variety of challenges. You’ll be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do.

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About RealWat Inc.

RealWat Inc. is dynamic Canadian start-up company in the newly emerging field of Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Information Security with offices in Montreal (Canada) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

RealWat Inc. is the proud creator of the Ti-Took platform. Ti-Took is a safe web browsing software solution that integrates minimalist design with innovative technology to deliver a fast, safe, easy and personalized web experience. Named after the tuk-tuk vehicles that carry riders anywhere all day long in east Asian cities and towns, Ti-Took is a simple, trustworthy way of navigating the complex and often dangerous world of the internet.

To download Ti-Took, visit: http://titook.net

Job Location

Phnom Penh

Closing Date

August 30th 2009

Application Information

To apply please send your resume to HR@RealWat.com. We would like to thank all candidates who apply, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

How do you want to browse the web today?

Montreal, Quebec, July 27, 2009 – RealWat Inc. is proud to announce the beta launch of the Ti-Took platform. Ti-Took is a safe web browsing software solution that integrates minimalist design with innovative technology to deliver a fast, safe, easy and personalized web experience.

Named after the tuk-tuk vehicles that carry riders anywhere all day long in east Asian cities and towns, Ti-Took is a simple, trustworthy way of navigating the complex and often dangerous world of the internet.

“For the average computer user, web browsers are becoming de facto operating systems. They serve as launch pads and host platforms for applications of all kinds,” says RealWat president David Ker. “Cloud computing brings with it problems relating to privacy, site authenticity, content filtering and data integrity. The multiple solutions currently available to address these issues lack the intuitive, catch-all functionality of the Ti-Took platform.”

Ti-Took is a downloadable application for Windows users which accesses the web via a dashboard and the question: How do you want to browse the web today? Users then launch one of their current browsers or the high-speed Ti-Took Nuage browser. They can also perform a web search on Google, Yahoo or Bing through the integrated dashboard search box. “The Ti-Took Nuage browser is based on Google Chromium open-source code,” explains Mr. Ker. “We recognize and appreciate how Chromium’s feature-rich robustness benefits Nuage.”

Ti-Took is aimed at the consumer market, specifically Windows users who are seeking enhanced, customizable browsing security, portable online bookmarking and multiple browser management. “Our customizable security settings and private browsing make the educational market our next target,” adds Mr. Ker.

About RealWat

Founded in 2007 by David Ker, RealWat is a web start-up specializing in IT solutions in Virtual Application Private Networks for specific communities. Headquartered near Montreal, Canada, RealWat also has a software development and support team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Ti-Took is a trademark of RealWat Inc. All other company product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

For more Ti-Took features and details, visit: http://titook.net/tip/featuresdownload.html

To download Ti-Took, visit: http://titook.net

– END –

Contact: Ms. Davine Ker, (877) 425-4839, info@realwat.com



This diagram  is a capture of my understanding of the Google Chrome OS announcement today.  Native Client and Google Gear are not discussed in the Google blog, however it’s obvious to me they are there:  file system access requires Gear,  native execution requires Google Native to get close access to the CPU horsepower.  There’re certainly many inacuracies.

You are welcome to make suggestions. I’ll update the diagram.

/@Realwat on twitter


-The official announcement #Google #OS: Introducing the Google Chrome OS http://su.pr/2K5DZ9

-News BREAKING: Google to Launch Operating Systemhttp://su.pr/1eCLa

Ti-Took Big Logo

I’m making this Chrome extension available.  The extension allows you bookmark web site and store it into your Ti-Took account.  This is the first Ti-Took Bookmark Chrome extension available for testing.

It’s just a prototype, but it’s a headup into the Chrome extension support.

Click on the following file titook.crx to install on Chrome.

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